Re-live the memories with this narrated slide show  by Hoag, Bone, Smell and Weber from each event!

The Full Service Circus 3 – October 14 – 16, 2016!

The Full Service Circus tickets are on sale! Purchase tix and get more info HERE!

Come One, Come Y’All. . .
Full Service Circus Returns This Fall!

Ladies & Gentlemen! BoySaws & GirlSaws! It’s time to step right up and join the Full Service Circus, a three-day, all-senses immersion into the music and lifestyle of the band Full Service, its fans (FanSaws), and its hometown (the electrifying urban big top known as Austin, Texas). Like its predecessors, the 3rd edition of the Circus, October 14-16, 2016, offers an electrifying assortment of attractions: music, sports, games, food, puppets, camaraderie, and so much more.

Festival-goers (a.k.a. Circus Freaks) lucky enough to land one of the 500 shiny-foil “Golden Tickets” will be fully immersed in an extraordinary mash-up of the quirky lives of the band members (Bonesaw, Hoag & Smell) and an insider’s view of all the wonder and adventure Austin has to offer. Perfect autumn weather, magnificent city parks and mouth-watering food and drinks from local Austin sponsors provide the perfect festival grounds for attendees to experience:

  • Three shows by Full Service (including a rock show at the legendary Antone’s, an acoustic show at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard* and a rock show at Empire Garage).
  • Events and games with the band members themselves, including a “Red Team v. Blue Team” soccer game; a Yoga class led by Bonesaw; a ‘Pickin’ Party’ jam with Weber and other fun events around Austin hot-spots;
  • Discounted food ($2) and drinks ($3 for beer or liquor) from Austin’s own South Austin Brewery and Dulce Vida Tequila. Other sponsors include ride-sharing app FARE, Rudy’s BBQ and more.
  • Opening acts by some of Full Service’s favorite Austin bands and artists!
  • A chance to record their OWN rendition of a favorite Full Service song in the band’s own studio!;
  • A welcome-party at FS-HQ to connect with other “Circus Freaks” and play games, enjoy local food and drink, make-your-own t-shirts and pick up the Circus packets!
  • FREE transportation to and from most events on the “Loco Circus Bus” party bus!
  • After-hours shows by the band member’s side projects, Beatcake and Smell & the Other Sense;
  • A chance to compete in the “King and Queen of the Circus” contest;
  • Silent Auction of rare FS memorabilia and fan-made FS related art;

This isn’t your parents’ elephant-eared circus. The Full Service Circus is a fully immersive, interactive experience to be shared with other Circus Freaks and the band themselves. It’s not “Come See the Show.” It’s “Come BE the Show.”

circus transparentMake sure to visit the VIDEOS page for all the fun Circus skits!

*In conjunction with DiverseArts Culture Works


noun /ˈsərkəs/
circuses, plural
A company of performers that may include trained animals (Smellman), clowns (Hoag), and other stunt-oriented artists (Weber). The group’s travelling performances are usually a series of acts choreographed to music and introduced by a ringmaster (Bonesaw).